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CNS  provides its customers with the technical, administrative and business expertise to design, implement and maintain the most cost efficient, effective and reliable voice and data networks while providing personal, attentive customer service for our business customers.  CNS provides a full array of business network services including the following:

Dedicated Internet Access

MPLS Networks

SIP Trunks

E-Mail Hosting

Ethernet Private Lines

Voice PRIs

Website Hosting


Traditional Voice Services


Cloud Services

Hosted PBX

Network Security


Mobile Services

Data Services


Data Services consist of point-to-point data lines, private lines, MPLS networks, SD-WAN, and dedicated Internet access. CNS currently offers all of these services through our numerous carrier affiliations at speeds ranging from 1.5MB(T-1) to 1GB+ Ethernet and Fiber connections. CNS prices out these services with all of our carriers to offer the best rate to our customers.


CNS offers access to the Internet via several types of circuits, provided by multiple carriers. CNS utilizes the networks of Verizon, Windstream, Lumen, Crown Castle Fiber, and others. The Internet Service connections include T-1/DS-1, Dynamic T-1, NxDS1, DS-3, and Ethernet or Fiber connections ranging from 5MB to 1GB and beyond.


Locations in an MPLS network are physically connected to the carrier's network via one or more T-1 local loops provided by the local telephone company (LEC), a DS-3, or an Ethernet/Fiber connection of various speeds. An MPLS network will typically cost less than a private line network when there are several locations and/or there is a great distance between locations. Private line services are distance sensitive and tend to be less expensive for shorter distances and few locations. CNS will price out both an MPLS network and point-to point network to compare the cost for our customers. CNS offers MPLS connections throughout the world.


CNS can offer SD-WAN services which combine MPLS, broadband internet circuits, dedicated internet circuits, as well as 4G-LTE to bring you better network visibility and control for demanding applications, all from one cloud-controlled branch device with a one-pane-of-glass GUI.


CNS offers Local T-1 services, new or pre-existing telephone numbers, including DID number ranges and other business services. Various pricing options are available depending on the specific requirements of each customer. 

CNS offers both Switched Access and Dedicated Access for Long Distance Services. There are several different rate schedules depending on the type of access and the type of call. Dedicated access / T-1 originated or terminated (toll-free number) calls are typically .01 - .02 cents per minute less than switched access calls

Business Lines

CNS provides business lines with direct access to local regional, long distance, and international services. These lines can be used for voice, fax, and/or data.


CNS utilizes MettTel services to provide Centrex Services, which are PBX-like in functionality and allow you to tailor a system with a suite of advanced central office-based data and voice communications services and features. Fully integrated digital technology can be used for virtually any communication task. 

Standard functions include: 
          • Call Waiting 
          • Call Hold
          • Call Forwarding
          • Direct Inward Dialing
          • Hunting
          • Intercom
          • Last Number Redial
          • Distinctive Ringing, and more

Centrex is an ideal service for new companies who need a feature-rich communication system that is advanced and flexible so that it will grow with the company.

PBX Trunks

With PBX Trunks your company can route all of their calls through a single trunk group, while each employee can have a unique telephone number. This service also eliminates the need for dedicated lines for each employee, and are more efficient. 

There are different types of PBX Services that CNS can offer which include: 

  • PBX DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Trunks: Each employee will receive calls directly from the public network; without attendant assistance.

  • PBX DOD (Direct Outward Dialing) Trunks: Each individual can dial outside numbers from their own phone without attendant assistance. 

  • PBX Combination Trunks: Allow inbound and outbound calls. Outside lines can be dialed directly while incoming calls are through an attendant.

  • PBX Direct Incoming Trunks: Inbound calls reach your attendant, automatic or live, and then callers are transferred to desired employee

Toll Free

Toll free services are telephone numbers with the (800), (888), (877), (866), and (855) exchanges. When a toll-free number is dialed, the call is handed off from the Local Telephone Company to the toll free recipient's long distance carrier. The owner, or recipient of these toll-free calls is billed for each minute the toll-free number is used at the recipient's rate from each carrier. These calls are free to the caller. Toll-Free calls may terminate on a company's local telephone number, which would be a switched access call and billed as such, or it may terminate on a company's T-1, which is a dedicated access call, and would be billed at the lower dedicated access rate. 

CNS standard toll-free numbers can be called from all (50) states, Canada and the United States Virgin Islands. CNS also offers International Toll-Free Service (ITFS). 

CNS also offers enhanced features on its toll-free services which include Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), ANI Delivery, as well as various routing options. Each toll-free number can be routed to two or more locations based on various parameters.



A PRI utilizes a T-1 and provides (23) simultaneous voice paths or (B) channels plus (1) signaling (D) channel. CNS will help you connect your digital PBX directly to one of our carriers' voice networks over (1) or multiple PRI lines. A PRI can support all voice services provided by more traditional voice services.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunking enables the endpoint's PBX to send and receive calls via internet.  SIP Trunking eliminates the physical connection to a phone company. There are no hardware, wiring, or circuit boxes to maintain for connection to the PSTN (phone service provider)

SIP trunking providers may offer additional services, including:

  • encryption of voice calls to meet security needs;

  • routing of calls to 911 services, with appropriate caller location information;

  • failover to backup trunks and locations;

  • ability to provision trunks via a web-based interface;

  • interconnection with cellular networks so a call placed to a cellphone also rings on a desktop phone;

  • protection against toll fraud;

  • denial-of-service (DoS) protection;

  • virtual inbound phone numbers, including 800-number services;

  • usage and performance reporting; and

  • ability to route calls to multiple locations based on call volume, source of call or other policies.


Managed Router

Our support team at CNS will ensure QoS and bandwidth management for high quality performance. Our staff will provide thorough and friendly collaboration to resolve any potential hardware concerns. Additionally, we consolidate IP Voice and Data across a dedicated WAN for optimal network performance.

Managed Firewall

Customizable network solutions including software components, configuration, installation and maintenance support. High level security against unauthorized connections to your LAN and remote users.

PBX DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Trunks:

Each employee will receive calls directly from the public network; without attendant assistance.

PBX DOD (Direct Outward Dialing) Trunks: 

Each individual can dial outside numbers from their own phone without attendant assistance. 


Hosted Exchange

CNS provides Hosted Exchange Services through MetTel which allows your business to access enterprise-

class E-Mail, calendaring, and contact management from anywhere on any device. You recieve fast disaster recovery with your E-Mail server in the cloud, which also mean no investment in a dedicated server is required.

Online Backup

Cloud Services are a great way to secure your business information at an off-site location through secure, automatic online backups. The data is then recoverable from anywhere that there is an internet connection available. The interface is easy-to-use an extremely convenient.

IP Business

The team at CNS will help you develop a customized portfolio of services for all of your business needs. We provide experienced end-to-end management and procurement, and can assist in all installation matters. With CNS you will have a partner in your workplace to help you utilize the best services to fulfill your business needs at the best rates possible. Additionally, we can utilize services from all of the major providers in order to ensure that you are being presented the best option available.

Patching and Antivirus

One of the most important features for a business to have is Patching and Antivirus to ensure the protection and security of all of your data and information. CNS can provide the highest qualtiy security management across all devices through the automation of critical security measures. These services include, but are not limited to, Antivirus software, automated patching of Windows workstations, and 24x7 managed spyware protection.

IT Management

Let CNS handle your IT Management Services and receive Software as a Service (SaaS) based automation tool for hosted help desk service board, which can be customized to your business needs.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile Devices are becoming more important in business and at CNS we can offer the best quality services for your specific location by utilizing the best brands in the nation. The benefit of utilizing CNS to provide these services to you is their ability to help personally tailor a network package for your business needs, while providing 24/7 customer support.

Nationwide Mobility

Nationwide Coverage with a single plan across multiple providers. Access anywhere, anytime with international roaming plans and 24/7 customer service.

Internet of Things

CNS provides dedicated connectivity to your endpoints through a private IP pool, and will ensure a dedicated connection from any of the nation's leading mobile providers. As a reseller CNS will help you to customize your data plan to match your IoT's current and future bandwidth needs.

Fixed Wireless/Mobility

CNS can offer the fastest wireless network speeds through the top carriers in the nation. Fixed wireless is a new and cost-effective solution as a backup to your primary circuit. With our ability to utilize multiple carriers at different locations, you will be covered regardless of which location is being utilized.

Mobile POTS

Keep your existing numbers with Mobile POTS lines while replacing your old copper based dial tone. Mobile POTS provides standard dial tone to existing handsets with an RJ-11 interface, using the mobile network as the transport.

Push To Talk

Push To Talk services work over Wi-Fi and use an integrated Dispatch feature to communicate with your entire workforce, with the ability to see their locations in real-time on Google Maps. PTT can be added to existing mobile devices and is compatible with any smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Help Desk

CNS offers 24/7 support in resolving any potential mobile network issues and will remain on the phone at any time to help configure installations. At CNS you can be sure that a trusted professional is always just a phone call away.​


CNS is now hosting several of our customer’s websites at our facilities. We are not designing or creating websites at this time, but we have companies who we are partnering with who can design and create websites for our customers. 

CNS provides E-Mail Hosting for many of our customers. CNS also provides a front end Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus services. This service also allows for data back-up / spooling when customer equipment or circuits are malfunctioning. All quarantined email can be viewed via a web browser. The ability to white list and blacklist users/domains of a user level and/or domain level. As a front end service, users appreciate having circuits uncluttered with spam. In conjunction with the E-Mail hosting, CNS backs up / archives all user email, a snapshot daily, to an offsite premise for a period of time. This data can be recovered as needed; i.e.: a specific email, an entire mail box, etc. Specific requirements can be tailored to your needs. 


Some of the functionalities of the E-Mail Server are: 

  • Anti-Spam

  • Anti-Virus

  • Mailing List

  • Web Mail Supporting all Browsers

  • Ability to synchronize MS Outlook's Contacts and Calendar to your iPhone or Android Smartphone using Outlook Connector and ActiveSync

  • Variable Mail Box Size / Quota

  • Ability to forward mail to any user's email address

    • I.e. To,, etc.​

  • Company Admin can add/change/delete users​

  • Unlimited number of aliases


Cloud PBX

CNS offers Cloud PBX Services which is perfect for increasing productivity with remote access to all features from anywhere. Employees can enjoy the convenience of receiving voicemail via E-Mail and greater synchronization with Unified Communications across all devices.

Digital Voice

CNS will provide the assistance if a company wishes to replace existing POTS lines with Digital Voice. In many cases this can help to avoid cost increases and avoid shutdowns.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) by which Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) deliver telephone services and Unified Communications to customers equipped with SIP-based private branch exchange (IP-PBX) and Unified Communications facilities. SIP Trunking is a reliable, scalable, dynamic, and flexible solution.


SIP PRI facilitates an easy transition from traditional telecom service to VoIP telephone. Your company may maintain connectivity to traditional PBX'x with PRI interface and/or analog lines via SIP Trunking.


When you need to conference several people together with a high quality telephone connection, the CNS teleconferencing service is the perfect solution. Popular applications for a conference call include staff meeting, sales meetings, project management, investor relations, shareholders meetings, depositions and crisis management. With CNS, you can schedule teleconferences immediately.

Data Services
Voice Services
Additional Servics
Network Security
Cloud Services
Mobile Services
Web and E-Mail Hosting
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